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Season Two Episode Seven: Sunshine

Late again! I promise it was worth it. I'm going to cut to the chase and talk about how grateful I am for this episodes guest mix provided by DOPE aka Bosby and Giordani. Two Halifax local DJ/producers that absolutely kill it. Im a big fan of their music and over all vibe, its nice to meet people who are incredibly talented and are humble as fuck. I think they are going to go far if they keep doing what there doing, I know they worked very hard on this mix for me. Halifax has always been a breeding ground for such people , sadly some leave at a point due to some limitations that living on the east coast provides, hopefully me and my fellow Haligonians get a couple more years with them.

Also, There will be more content coming to the blog, its been pretty dead on here do to my busy schedule, but i aim to host more music here and on the Podcast stream, keep and eye out for the second monthly podcast Sinn on the Lake coming out half way thru the month*!

*im not committing my self to any specific times anymore LOL

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Season Two Episode Four: Nakatomi Plaza's Office Christmas Party

I hate Christmas songs, I'm not sure what possessed me to make a mix that included them. I did my best to keep track of the most tolerable once i heard all month. I do like Christmas movies tho, but only the ones that aren't traditional; the classic examples would be Die Hard, Gremlins and the most recent examples would be Krampus and The Night Before. These are where i found a majority of the half decent track for the mix and gave me the inspiration to make a Christmas mix that lives in that world of juxtaposition that i love in all aspects of my life.

One thing i did love about this months show is DJ LYRA's mix, she seems to get booked for a lot of techno shows, but i love when she shows off her more eclectic side. She has a sick selection of bass music and i hope this helps her get more of those gigs around Halifax. Not that i don't like Techno...but i don't love it to be honest.

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FAWNA: Musical Flora

I stumbled across FAWNA about a year ago whilst on the hunt for Portishead remixes for what eventually became my 2016 Future Forest set, she has a live cover of Glory Box that i must have listed to fifty times. I don't know if its some creepy social media algorithm or The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon but much like the timbre of her voice she seemed to haunt me since that day. 

Her sound, in my humble opinion, exists in a unique place. Elements of R&B, Soul, and Electronica are apparent but if you really want to nerd-out on genres you could add Trip-Hop, Cloud Rap and Future Soul to the mix too. Her Voice and lyrics along with the Production of Loa Gaze is like a soundtrack to a dream, consisting of elements of the past and the future existing concurrently in a purple haze as if you stumbled into a Jazz club on a lunar space station.

I might be waxing poetic, it's the the best way I can describe sound. Take the time to hear for yourself and paint your own picture. She released a new album Vol. 1 just last week and it's a fantastic work, so make sure you buy it on Bandcamp

Blap to the Future - The Many Mixes of Construct

If you have been even casually involved in the Canadian electronic scene , CONSTRUCT has probably been there in some capacity, whether you knew it or not. From humble roots in Halifax where he helped me ignite my career in music to playing world class events such as Osheaga, the man never EVER stops working (Trust me when I say this, we used to live together. You think you are a workaholic? you ain't shit next to this guy).

J'aime Le Dubstep being one of his most popular and well known endeavorers lasting almost 200 episodes with some heavy hitting names from all over the world, this later evolved into the now defunct High on Beats website and podcast. Both a huge influence in the Canadian electronic music scene by showcasing well known international headliners along side up-and-comers, never had I seen nor been apart of anything like this, everyone was one a level playing field. There just had to be one thing all these artists needed to share; they had to be original and talented.

Also, one of the co-founders of Halifax's Break Beat Elite in the mid-2000's, he and I along with a few others, helped not only develop our skills and DJs and Promoters by pushing one another to think outside the box and hold ourselves to a very high standard but to do the same for any artist involved. This continued when he outgrew our modest little city and moved to Montreal where he and Vilify founded Bass Drive , arguably the most influential club-nights east of Toronto. This trend continues with is involvement with Conkrete MTL and the soon to be resurrected Heads Up.   

I have only mentioned his DJ and Promotion work thus far, I failed to mention that he is an accomplished graphic designer and has done countless event posters and online promo work, Future Forest and Valhalla Sound Circus to only show the tip of the iceberg. He has also done many purely artistic as well as privet and commercial projects. (remember when I said he worked more than you)

I think this philosophy of having a high level of expectations from others and most of all himself, has permeated all his work and is extremely apparent in the high quality of aforementioned projects across many mediums. 

I'm lucky to call this guy one of my oldest dearest friends and brother, and ask you to take the time to look across his body of work and appreciate someone who truly loves, supports, and most of all contributes to the scene.

He will be my special guest on this months Podcast available to stream and download here on October 30th or on your Podcast App from iTunes. 


Spinscott - MPC Killa

Like most people this day and age I stumbled across SPINSCOTT like any other new artist: on an evening of half drunk youtube rummaging at a party where I was asked to "find something good to listen to". Needless to say if you have seen any of his videos before, the one or two former jaded ravers like myself lost their shit. I think of him like a Junglist Quentin Tarantino, taking all the best parts of a genre and effortlessly combining them into something that is both new and familiar at the same time. 

"Spinscott is a DJ, producer, and lifelong drummer. Each unique DJ set features 100% LIVE Loop-Free Jungle played real-time on the drum machine, combined with mixing of original & classic tracks."

Vilify- Nobody Knows EP

Take a minute right now and do yourself a favour, check out VILIFY's most recent (and currently my favourite) EP. Its chilled out 'slowed and throwed' vibe really resonates with me and speaks to my musical sensibilities.

I've known Vilify for a number of years, we came up together in the halifax post-rave scene and she has always been an incredibly talented DJ and singer. In recent years she has dabbled in production and I have seen her make HUGE leaps and bounds in her skills as such, this ep is a very good example of that.

You can download if for free , or you can support an amazing artist and purchase it on Bandcamp

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