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Season Two Episode Four: Nakatomi Plaza's Office Christmas Party

I hate Christmas songs, I'm not sure what possessed me to make a mix that included them. I did my best to keep track of the most tolerable once i heard all month. I do like Christmas movies tho, but only the ones that aren't traditional; the classic examples would be Die Hard, Gremlins and the most recent examples would be Krampus and The Night Before. These are where i found a majority of the half decent track for the mix and gave me the inspiration to make a Christmas mix that lives in that world of juxtaposition that i love in all aspects of my life.

One thing i did love about this months show is DJ LYRA's mix, she seems to get booked for a lot of techno shows, but i love when she shows off her more eclectic side. She has a sick selection of bass music and i hope this helps her get more of those gigs around Halifax. Not that i don't like Techno...but i don't love it to be honest.

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Season Two Episode Three: Better Late Than Never

I'm not going to lie, these are getting harder and harder to do and I'm only three episodes in! Maybe November was just crazy - for fuck's sake a racist humanoid tangerine was elected "Leader of the Free World" - but on top of that bullshit, life was just hectic. 2016 has been a harsh mistress all around.

Looking back on the last two episodes of the season thus far, I felt there was a little too much electronic music. It's clearly a love of mine but switching from a live internet radio show to a podcast was supposed to free me up to dig deeper into my musical interests. I think I've cracked the service this episode, you can expect to see a quite a bit more variety in upcoming shows.

Also, I'm happy to have one of my good friends and favourite DJ's Nick Hood supply the guest mix this month! He did a stellar job, if you have ever seen him play live you know he always knocks it out of the park. It's been a while since he has released a mix so I'm honoured to have him break his fast on my show. In fact I wouldn't be upset if you skipped right past my mix and embraced his blend of trapped out chopped and screwed trill phonk head on!

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Vilify- Nobody Knows EP

Take a minute right now and do yourself a favour, check out VILIFY's most recent (and currently my favourite) EP. Its chilled out 'slowed and throwed' vibe really resonates with me and speaks to my musical sensibilities.

I've known Vilify for a number of years, we came up together in the halifax post-rave scene and she has always been an incredibly talented DJ and singer. In recent years she has dabbled in production and I have seen her make HUGE leaps and bounds in her skills as such, this ep is a very good example of that.

You can download if for free , or you can support an amazing artist and purchase it on Bandcamp

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Season Two Episode One: A New Hope

At long last I'm happy to present the new show! 

I've toyed with the concept of filtering all the music I hear in the course of a few weeks into one monthly mix for some time now, without limits to genre, and I'm very happy with the outcome. That's rare because I'm often unsatisfied with any mix or track I have put out over the years, the curse of being a perfectionist. To combat years of over thinking and over production I decided to release this mix after only one take, to keep with the live feeling of the old show. I have always believed that a large part of the art of DJing live (and IT IS an art) comes from the unexpected and unrehearsed mixes that shock not only the crowed but yourself as well and the imperfections that come with it.     

I'm even more excited to have my friend and special guest kyle on the show. You may know him as KDZ: DJ and head honcho of HomeBass, or as the front man of Dub Kartel the Reggae/HipHop band that took over my Facebook feed all summer long. No matter what form you have seen him in, he always gives a top-notch performance. Being a fellow perfectionist, he certainly didn't hold back in curating this mix for us.

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  1. Outkast - SpottieOttieDopaliscious (Instrumental) 
  2. "All Matter is Energy" - Bill Hicks 
  3. S U R V I V E - Stranger Things theme (FLS edit)
  4. Slip'n'Slide - Let me Know
  5. Radiohead - Idioteque 
  6. Joker - G Shit 
  7. Barrington Levy - Under Mi Sensi  
  8. Flume feat. Chet Faker - Left Alone (Ta-Ku Remix)
  9. Benga - Zombie Jig 
  10. Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi feat. Jack White - Two Against One
  11. Slugabed - A short 1 about floating down the river face down, obviously dead, but soooo chill 
  12. Dr Dre & Snoop Doggy Dogg - Deep Cover 
  13. Grol - Kingstux 
  14. CloZee - Koto 
  15. A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario 
  16. The Prodigy -  Diesel Power (Instrumental) 
  17. James Blake - The Sound Of Silence 

kyle's mix

  1. Yung Aloha - not a single question
  2. Mura Masa - Are You There?
  3. B-Dibe - Eyes Out
  4. Ramzoid - Volcano Zone
  5. Atlantic Haze - Hush3
  6. Wet Paint ft. kyle - Untitled
  7. Naji - Fallen
  8. Ozzie - Ozzie in space
  9. Noah - Smoke Away My Sins (Prod. Holy Beats)
  10. Charlotte Day Wilson - Find You
  11. JonEcks & Lotso - KlaSH
  12. hrmxny - Interlude (Where It's Coming From)
  13. kyle - pulse
  14. Giordani ft. kyle - Down