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This month I have the perfect Sunday chill mix from one of the most chill people i have ever met in my life, I cant say enough good things about Siri! He plays any genre with skill and finesse and has a stage presence that is so charming you have to see it to believe it. Catch him at probably every festival on the east cost this summer!

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Tsuruda x Wooly Mammoth - Nice and Easy

Badsummer - Still Shining

Penthouse Penthouse- Welcome

Kaytranada - Happy

Ryan Squal - Zoo Mind

Elobrian Sunrise - Secret Garden

FEDE - Prototype

Austin Marc - Voila

Senpu - Groove Along

Mecca:83 - Only You

Shigeto - Detroit Part II

Jared Jackson - Player's Bop

Hiram - la flame in an elevator

Tru-Type - Two Hearted

B00TY - Modern Romance

Jengi - Without You

Rey B. - Going on

Dynamique - Dang! edit

Ekany - Badu Mode