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Season Two Episode Eight: Human Music

Eight episodes in and I'm already out of things to talk about here , Iv always been a man of few words anyway.

At least this one is out on time, i don't see that becoming a trend anytime soon tho, the weather is getting nicer and its getting harder to lock my self in the studio to work on these sonic jigsaw puzzles. If you are reading this and like the blog and podcast , rest assure that there will be more content now that i have my best friend and partner in grime Buck Banger helping me moving forward.  

I want to that this time to thank Oldboy for making this SICK mix for me this month, i knew it was going to be good, but i didn't expect that it would be this great! I see big things in his future if he keeps growing at the exponential rate that he has since I've known him.

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