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Season Two Episode Seven: Sunshine

Late again! I promise it was worth it. I'm going to cut to the chase and talk about how grateful I am for this episodes guest mix provided by DOPE aka Bosby and Giordani. Two Halifax local DJ/producers that absolutely kill it. Im a big fan of their music and over all vibe, its nice to meet people who are incredibly talented and are humble as fuck. I think they are going to go far if they keep doing what there doing, I know they worked very hard on this mix for me. Halifax has always been a breeding ground for such people , sadly some leave at a point due to some limitations that living on the east coast provides, hopefully me and my fellow Haligonians get a couple more years with them.

Also, There will be more content coming to the blog, its been pretty dead on here do to my busy schedule, but i aim to host more music here and on the Podcast stream, keep and eye out for the second monthly podcast Sinn on the Lake coming out half way thru the month*!

*im not committing my self to any specific times anymore LOL

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