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Season Two Episode Six: Relinquish Control

This episode was the first that i have done that i relied on music that was shown or recommend to me from friends and family. Normally I'm digging around the internet or simply just Shazam-ing my way thru the month trying to cobble together a show every month.

There is probably a good life lesson in there someplace. I can be such a control freak , its something that I've been trying to get over. But there is no shame in reaching out to the ones you care about for help when you need it , even for something as small as a monthly Podcast! 

This month I'm happy to have an old friend on the show, I've know him since before he started DJ'g and producing and in the few years i have known him he' s made leaps and bounds in both aspects. Take this moment to follow both his accounts on SoundCloud: Evil D and AnteChrist.

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