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FAWNA: Musical Flora

I stumbled across FAWNA about a year ago whilst on the hunt for Portishead remixes for what eventually became my 2016 Future Forest set, she has a live cover of Glory Box that i must have listed to fifty times. I don't know if its some creepy social media algorithm or The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon but much like the timbre of her voice she seemed to haunt me since that day. 

Her sound, in my humble opinion, exists in a unique place. Elements of R&B, Soul, and Electronica are apparent but if you really want to nerd-out on genres you could add Trip-Hop, Cloud Rap and Future Soul to the mix too. Her Voice and lyrics along with the Production of Loa Gaze is like a soundtrack to a dream, consisting of elements of the past and the future existing concurrently in a purple haze as if you stumbled into a Jazz club on a lunar space station.

I might be waxing poetic, it's the the best way I can describe sound. Take the time to hear for yourself and paint your own picture. She released a new album Vol. 1 just last week and it's a fantastic work, so make sure you buy it on Bandcamp