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This is Chef K’s first time on the podcast, and definitely not the last! She’s been making waves in Halifax the last few year with her events KAOS bringing in a verity of great headliners and local acts. I love seeing her play, she truly puts a lot of time and care into her sets and events and it shows!


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This month I have the perfect Sunday chill mix from one of the most chill people i have ever met in my life, I cant say enough good things about Siri! He plays any genre with skill and finesse and has a stage presence that is so charming you have to see it to believe it. Catch him at probably every festival on the east cost this summer!

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Tsuruda x Wooly Mammoth - Nice and Easy

Badsummer - Still Shining

Penthouse Penthouse- Welcome

Kaytranada - Happy

Ryan Squal - Zoo Mind

Elobrian Sunrise - Secret Garden

FEDE - Prototype

Austin Marc - Voila

Senpu - Groove Along

Mecca:83 - Only You

Shigeto - Detroit Part II

Jared Jackson - Player's Bop

Hiram - la flame in an elevator

Tru-Type - Two Hearted

B00TY - Modern Romance

Jengi - Without You

Rey B. - Going on

Dynamique - Dang! edit

Ekany - Badu Mode


Shovels & Rope - Evil

Shades - Guillotine

EPROM & Zeke Beats - Humanoid 2.0


Lorn - Army of Fear

Sophie - Ponyboy

NastyNasty - Broken Moon

Little Simz - Dead Body

Dr.Dre & Ice Cube - Natural Born Killaz

Shades - Kolumbo

Father - Everybody in the Club Gettin Shot

Jimmy Pe - Joystick (Eskei83 RMX)

G Jones - Understanding the Possibility

Corrupted & Faux Fur - Ukiyo

dope - Rollin' Up

Kozmo & Moniker - 36 feat. Aneurythm & KAYAFiYA

tiedye ky -Never Spin ft. Pipus

FRQ NCY - Egg Noggin'

Jme - Work

COFRESI - Sandman 




More specifically i’m back with a fast and furious juke mix from LYRA. She has been a guest on the podcast a few times before , not just because she’s a very talented DJ and friend but also because she plays such a HUGE verity of music. I never know whats shes ging to send me and im never disappointed.

Catch her live at Kollektiv XIII on October 6th in Elmsdale NS where who knows what she’ll play, but i bet your going to love it.

This Podcast is available to stream and download below or on iTunes and Soundcloud.


I forgot to hit record at EVOLVE, FUTURE FOREST & DOCK THE DOCK so i mashed up the best parts of all three sets plus a mix i forgot to play cuz i was having a little too much fun.

enjoy <3

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RL Grime - Core
Woolymammoth - Cult
Samurai Breaks - 10,000 Gun Finga $alute
Razat - Saturation
Sukh Knight - Scorpion (DJ Madd 160 Remix)
Headphone Activist - Shawshank
Ivy Lab - Cake
Westside Connection - Bow Down
Alix Perez - Gully Halves
MGK - Til I Die
Judge & Graves - Rush
A$AP Ferg - New Level (Eprom Remix)
Pruga P - Cult
Shlump - Wurd
Dj Ride - Game Over
Yojas - Ish
Razat - IDGAF
DMVU - Bloccd (TYNAN Flip)
PartyWave - Indian Summer
Missy Elliott - Work It (R4 Remix)
Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat
Raven & Kreyn - Long Game
Anti Up - Pizza
Shades - Algor Mortis
Rico Nasty -Bitch I’m Nasty
FRQ NCY - Egg Noggin'
Eprom & Zeke Beats - Humanoid 2.0
Ace Of Base - Cruel Summer

Season Three Episode Seven: Last One from Me

I'll be honest, just kind of thru this one together . this will be the last mix from me until next season, cuz frankly i want to save all my time , tracks and best mixes for the upcoming festival season.

Don't worry ill have one for episode with a special guest next month and that will have to tide you over 'till Halloween when ill star season four!

thanks again for listening!

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Season Three Episode Six: VILIFY


this month i have an exclusive mix from the one and only VILIFY. She is one of my oldest and dearest friends and I've seen her grow from a shy bedroom DJ to a huge success in Canada and abroad. i could go on forever with accolades and funny stories, but frankly I'm late putting the episode out and i want to get to it. 

this mix is fucking killer and thats all you gotta know!

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Season Three Episode Five: Menz Not Hot


This month i have a live mix i did for a Drum n Bass show back in February at Menz and Mollys (a local Halifax watering hole). Im a big Jungle and Drum n Bass fan , its the genre i started  on, but over the years i've fallen off a bit. so i wanted to play a set that was true to my contemporary sound with elements of Jungle/DnB and tracks i feel are heavily influenced by the genres as well, i'm very happy with the result and this is probably one of the best live sets i've recorded since last summer.

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Maritime Grime

Maritime Grime is a local clothing company thats has really taken off, every moth they do a great podcast showcasing the best the east coast has to offer for electronic music.

This month i was honoured to be asked to join my old pal and adopted daughter Jules Bangsworth! I'm in love with her mix, such a great verity of tunes, if you are a fan of my podcast you are going to be head over heals too.

Season Three Episode Three: Cyril Sneer's Revenge


Soooooo i totally forgot to do an episode last month and my guest this month had to reschedule last minute, so i whipped this mini episode together today in the meantime.

it features some of my favourite track to date and i FINALY got yo use a mix using the theme song from the the Raccoons  that i loved as a kid and been toying with for a few years. 

i hope you enjoy listening as much as i did making.

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